Gothic Steam Community Items 2023

We saw how active and excited you were when we announced the “Screenshot Contest” for Gothic 1 and Gothic 2. That’s why we would like to give you one more opportunity to get your works immortalized in the Steam version of Gothic games! Here we announce our “Gothic Steam Community Items” contest! It will be open for participation starting from April 19, 2023 until June 19, 2023.

What is that contest about?

From now on, you’ll have a chance to become a part of a legendary RPG series! All you should do is create profile backgrounds and emoticons for Gothic 1 and Gothic 2!


1. Only one entry per participants - your first email counts;

2. The subject of your email should be “Gothic Steam Community Items”;

3. Alkimia Interactive and THQ Nordic reserve the right not to publish contest works or/and implement them in Steam at all;

4. Terms:

5. By sending in your contest works via email, you agree to the terms of the contest;

6. More detailed information about the requirements you can find here - .

7. Your personal data will be processed pursuant to GDPR requirements and our privacy policy found here -

Technical requirements!

Profile backgrounds:


To participate, send one email with your entries attached in two separate archives, one per game, to

Please, don’t spam the email, read everything carefully and follow all the steps as described, otherwise, your contest work can be not accepted, or it can lead to difficulties with its processing.